The Nothing Ear (2) design appears and is quite famous

The Nothing Ear (1) headphones arrived in mid-2021 and had a rather attractive design. Well, the design of the Nothing Ear (2) headphones has been leaked for the first time and it looks quite familiar.

Nothing Ear (2) design does not leak and is very familiar

Design changes compared to the first generation model are minimal, to say the least. First, the headphone version will be printed on the stem instead of the Nothing logo.

Truth be told, that’s the only difference we could discern in the design department. The case looks basically the same as the headphones. The transparent approach to design is back.

However, nothing will change from the inside, definitely. The box and headphones could also be a little bigger or smaller, that’s something we can’t tell based on these pictures.

Nothing really sticks to an annual release cycle for these headphones, so we’re not sure when they’ll be released. Nothing plans to announce the Nothing Ear (Stick) headphones in two days, but what about the Ear (2)?

We’re not sure when Nothing plans to release these headphones.

Well, they almost certainly won’t be released during this event, but given the timing of this leak, we might not have to wait until mid-2023 to get them. On the other hand, it is possible that yes, nothing is certain yet.

Nothing really has shared any details about the Ear (2) headphones yet. This is actually the first concrete information we’ve seen. There is always the possibility of making a mistake, of course. Although the information comes from a famous developerwhich entered into a partnership with the company 91mobiles.

We expect Nothing Heard (2) to be improved in the ANC department, and it’s also likely to come with new dynamic drivers. The ear case (1) was not exactly the most premium on the market, so maybe Nothing offers some improvements in that regard as well.

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