The Nothing speaker from the “face” resembles nothing at all

Nothing has already developed a certain recognition style when it comes to the design of its own devices. It can be said that it is the first mobile electronics manufacturer in a long time to put so much emphasis on design. The next course with his logo will be really weird.

Nothing – a producer with a vision

Companies that produce mobile devices are unlikely to sin with the originality of their projects. Few stay true to one style for many years. Apple can serve as an example, and from the Android camp – Sony. Others either mindlessly copy current trends, or they test new ideas but discard them after a generation or two of devices.

Nothing decided to create their own design. One that will always be associated with the brand. And you can tell it’s really starting to work. Nothing phone (1) With a case on the back showing the inside and special lighting, the Glymph is a head turner. headphones nothing ears, Thanks to the special combination of transparent plastic and economical shape, they can perfectly complement the smartphone. what is the time for now

Nothing phone (1)

A speaker that looks like it’s made out of LEGO

One of the industry informants, Kuba WojciechowskiShe came across a graphic that shows a different product from Nothing. He published it on the website 91 cell phones. This is surely the strangest project we’ve had to deal with lately.

Nothing speakers
Nothing speakers (Source:

The amount of equipment is difficult to determine from a rendering, but one can guess that it will be big enough, that the buttons on the sides of the case are big enough to be used freely. The whole thing looks like stylish Bluetooth speaker.

Below we find what looks like two midrange speakers. At the top we probably have two smaller tweeters and another circle adorned with the Nothing logo. Or is it a specific display?

Below the buttons was a contrasting red one, perhaps with the function of powering on and/or pairing with other devices. At the very top we have something resembling a semi-transparent, maybe retractable… handle from the case.

This is the first signal that nothing works on anything other than a smartphone Nothing phone (2) and headphones Nothing Ears (2). It is quite possible that the speaker will be present at the premiere of one of these devices – in the summer or later in 2023.

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