The nursing floor is approved in the Senate and continues for approval

The Senate plenary unanimously approved this Tuesday (December 20) the proposed amendment to the Constitution that makes the payment of infirmary floor (PEC 42/2022). Last week, the text was approved in two rounds in the Chamber of Deputies.

for Law 14.434/2022, nurses are entitled to a floor of R$4,750. The value serves as a reference for calculating the salaries of nursing technicians (70%), nursing assistants (50%) and midwives (50%).

The PEC directs resources from the financial surplus of public funds and the Social Fund to finance the national level of salaries of nurses in the public sector, in philanthropic entities and service providers with a minimum care of 60% of patients in the Unified Health System (SUS). .


Currently, the floor payment has been suspended by the Federal High Court (stf) with preliminary decision by judge Luís Roberto Barroso. The Minister determined that the Union, public and private entities should express their views on the financial impact of the measure on the quality of services provided in the health network.

At the time, Barroso accepted the private entities’ argument that the Legislature and the Executive approved and sanctioned the project without taking measures that would make its execution feasible, such as increasing the reimbursement table of the Unified Health System.SUS) in the partner network.

With the approval of the PEC in the Senate, the President of the Chamber, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), hopes to have calmed the impasse. In Pacheco’s estimation, the impact of the national nursing floor on the Union is very small.

However, the senator admitted that it has a heavy impact on states, municipalities and philanthropic hospitals, but that the issue was resolved with a series of initiatives taken to compensate states, municipalities and philanthropic hospitals to comply with the decision of the Federal Supreme Court. and make the floor feasible.

🇧🇷Nothing prevents the Federal Supreme Court, when we promulgate this amendment to the Constitution, to remove this preliminary decision to raise the national nursing floor and, in the case of private initiative, this National Congress to review it with the new government.“, emphasized Pacheco.

For him, the decision of the Supreme Court does not need to be related to the suspension of the national floor for everyone in Brazil, including public entities, because of the impact on the private sector, which, according to him, can have a built-in solution in 60 or 90 days..

According to Pacheco, making the floor applicable to private sector professionals was the subject of a recent conversation between him and the incoming economy minister, Fernando Haddad. 🇧🇷He undertook in January to discuss the fiscal space and resources needed for compensatory measures for the private sector, which would come, in principle, through wage exemptions. As they exist for 17 sectors of the national economy“, said Pacheco.

Advertising: what is it?

It is the instrument that declares the existence of the law and orders its execution. Constitutional amendments are approved by the Boards of the House and the Senate, in a solemn session of Congress. The announcement of supplementary and ordinary laws is made by the President of the Republic and is made simultaneously with the sanction.

In the case of silent sanction, the law must be announced by the President of the Republic himself. If not, approval rests with the President of the Senate. The President of the Republic also approves draft laws, whose veto is overridden by Congress. If this is not done, the attribution passes to the President of the Senate and, if he is removed, to the First Vice President.

Legislative decrees are promulgated by the President of the Senate, as well as resolutions passed by the House and the National Congress. The decisions of the Chamber of Deputies are announced by its president.

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