The nursing wage floor is close to being defined in CongressEntertainment 

The nursing wage floor is close to being defined in Congress

The PEC aims to ensure that value is determined by federal legislation and that it cannot be judged

Nurses must have a salary of R$ 4,750 after the presidential sanction of the bill already approved in the National Congress

The proposed amendment to the Constitution which stipulates that a federal law shall create nurses salary floornursing technicians, assistants and midwives have already passed to the Special Commission Chamber of Deputies and it is now ready to be voted on in the plenary session. The PEC also determines that the Union, states and municipalities will have until the end of this year to adjust the remuneration of positions and career plans. The bill creating the federal category wage floor law has already been approved by Congress and awaits presidential assent. The text provides that the floor of R$ 4,750 for nurses, R$ 3,325 for nursing technicians and R$ 2,375 for assistants and midwives.

The deputies claim that the goal of the CEC is to prevent the floor of the category from being interrogated in court with the argument of the deputy initiative. The Speaker of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) promised to vote on the measure in the plenary session next week. The rapporteur of the PEC in the Chamber, Deputy Carmen Zanotto (Citizenship-SC), argues that the text guarantees more legal certainty for the project that determines the salary for nurses, technicians, assistants and midwives. “Let this PEC really give us security and let no one judge this process, because all that Brazilian nursing does not deserve is to be judged,” says Zanotto.

*With information from reporter Iasmin Costa

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