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The one-off car with a 27 liter V12 engine sounds like a Spitfire

As a seasoned classic car specialist I think it’s fair to say I’ve driven most cars over the years, but this is new to me.

Through these sites I have been asked to help sell this Napier Railton inspired conversion which comes with a 27 liter V12 Rolls Royce engine used in WW2.

A turbocharged version of this monster powered our Spitfires to success over our skies already 80 years ago.

Yes, you read that right at 27 liters. Each of its 12 cylinders is larger than an entire Rover 2000 engine.

It produces over 600 horsepower and is powered through a Jaguar XJ12 gearbox.

This was the creation of one highly skilled and dedicated engineer from Devon who doggedly completed a dream that began over 20 years ago.

This non-turbocharged Merlin V12 one-off sounds like a Spitfire and no, I don’t mean the little baby from Triumph!

Construction began in Cape Town, South Africa around 2001, and after a year’s search, a Meteor engine was found in Johannesburg, taken from a Centurion tank shipped to South Africa in 1952 – the Meteor engine is a non-supercharged version. Merlin.

Once completed, this monster was tested at Saunton Sands and reached a speed of 80 miles per hour while still in first gear.

This is no build-your-own Lotus Elan or a car with instructions to follow, but one man’s obsession.

If it were a building, we’d call it a gentleman’s folly.

Between 1933 and 1937, Napier-Railton broke 47 world speed records at Brooklands, where he holds the all-time record of 143.44 mph set in 1935.

So where better to put this vehicle up for sale than to give it the most appropriate audience possible – 26th November Historic Classic Car Auction at Mercedes World, Brooklands, near Weybridge, Surrey.

The original vehicle that inspired this tribute is on display at the Brooklands Museum next door.

The auction guide price is £75,000-£95,000 and you can be sure you won’t find another at the next Powderham Classic Car Show!

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