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“The only thing that matters

Nothing is more important to a mother than feeding her baby.

This is how international model Maggie Maurer thinks. She was attending the Schiaparelli fashion show in Paris, France, and took her baby, baby Nora-Jane, with her.

The social media sensation featured backstage footage of the event, where the woman stopped everything she was doing to nurse her daughter, despite wearing full make-up and a dress to walk the catwalk. The image was shared on the model’s Instagram, becoming viral.

Maggie was careful and used a plastic wrap around her neck to keep the baby from coming in contact with makeup (chemicals that can be harmful at such an early age).

The woman received several compliments on social networks for setting an example and remembering the importance of breastfeeding.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health explains that breastfeeding is more than food, it is responsible for transferring nutrients and antibodies to the baby, protecting against infections while the immune system is developing.


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