The opposition decides this Tuesday if it will claim the leadership of the committees in the Senate in the STF

For the deputies of PP, PL, Republicans and Novo, isolated, the constitutional criterion of proportionality was not respected in the election of the presidency.

WILTON JUNIOR/ESTADÃO CONTENTSPresident of the Federal Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG)
The president of the Federal Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, did not give the presidency of any commission to the opposition parties, which opposed his reappointment to this post in early February.

Opposition senators, part of the “Vanguarda” bloc (PP, PL, Republicans and New), should meet this Tuesday, the 14th, to discuss what the next steps are regarding the installation of commissions in Federal Senate last week, without receiving any command from either of them. The possibility of trial of the case, leading to the decision of Federal Court of Justice, must be discussed in the meeting, since the internal regulation of the Senate ratifies the constitutional rule that the criterion of proportionality must be in force during the election of the command of the House committees. In total, the Upper House has 14 committees and, currently, only the Joint Budget Committee is without a command. The opposition is still thinking about setting up new committees, so that they can be accommodated, which requires dialogue with the Speaker of the House. Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), and with the board of directors. Blloku believes that commissions such as “Education, Culture and Sport”, which includes three different topics, can be dissolved, as is the case in the Chamber of Deputies, without affecting the budget issue. Some opposition senators are already speaking openly that they are not interested in taking the vice-chairmanship of the commissions, since the post only guarantees a visibility to the parliamentarian in case the president is absent from the session.

*With information from journalist Berenice Leite

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