The parish is seeking volunteers from the community

In September, the community of Lambertus in Asheberg has several things to celebrate. She is still looking for people who would like to get involved in the parish festival program.

Pastor Stefan Schuermeier is looking forward to the parish festival in September. ©Spiller

The parish of St. Lambertus is preparing for a period of jubilation from September 18, 2022 until the 2024 fair. It is important to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the commemoration of the church community, the 100th anniversary of the (newly renovated) parish and clubhouse in Asheberg and the 500th anniversary of the building of St. Lambertus Church. Beginning on Lambertus Day, September 18, 2022, with a parish festival around the church in Ascheberg.

There is a registration form for those interested

It begins with a service at 10 am, Bishop Tokt. Felix Gehn then continues with a colorful program until the festival ends at 6pm with a play by Lambertus. In addition to booths for games, entertainment and information, there will be an 8×6 meter stage in front of the church where small and large groups can present something to the crowd. “Professionals will take care of the hot food, but other stands with physical well-being offers are very welcome,” says the parish of Lambertus. The coordinator and “market master” is Martin Weiss from Ascheberg.

If you are interested in participating in the action on stage or in the booth, contact Martin Weiss. For a better planning of stands, you will find a suitable registration form in Martin Weiss and on the parish website. No one should be left at their expense, but the festival is planned to be “cost-neutral” and without the intention of making a lot of money, according to the church community. “It should be a nice and cheap Sunday treat, especially for families. Our parish office will be happy to inform you of donations and donation receipts.”

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