The passenger tried to leave for Portugal with 3 kg of cocaine

The passenger, a native of Fortaleza-Ce, hid the cocaine in the false bottom of the suitcase and was caught at the airport in Brazil.

The Federal Police (PF) arrested a 32-year-old female passenger last Tuesday (07) with about 3kg of powder cocaine hidden in the false bottom of a suitcase at an international airport in Brazil. The drug will be transported to Portugal.

During a routine check, the federal police suspected a piece of luggage and requested the presence of the passenger, who was born in Fortaleza-Cze. After opening the suitcase, the feds found a suspicious package in the lining of the suitcase. Then they conducted a drug test and found out that the contents of the package were cocaine powder.

The woman was transferred to the supervision of the Regional Federal Police of the Federal District and will answer for the crime of international drug trafficking with up to 25 years in prison.

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