The pedestrian crossed the traffic lights. the carrier ran over the dog

Terrible scenario for dog owners. a pedestrian wants to cross the street in Wuppertal. his dog runs a few paces behind him. The driver does not pay attention.

A Maltese dog like this one in the photo was hit by a car. © pixabay

When a 48-year-old woman crossed a street in Wuppertal at a green pedestrian light, a dog running behind her was hit by a pickup truck.

The Maltese man was tied up, a police spokesman said Friday when asked. The driver fled the scene of the accident without stopping and taking care of the woman and her dead dog.

Police are looking for witnesses

For the accident that happened on June 7, the police is looking for a witness who was walking on the sidewalk with a stroller at the time of the crime and initially helped the 48-year-old citizen. When the police arrived, the witness was gone.

According to the police, the accident happened on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, around 15:05, on Norman Street. The witness and other witnesses and whistleblowers can call the Wuppertal police on 0202 – 284 0.



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