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The PF delegate asked for an end to the secrecy of the PCC investigation

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In a post published this Friday (24). The federal court in Paraná said the request to declassify the investigation into the PCC’s plan against authorities, including Senator Sergio Moro, came from the Federal Police delegate in charge of the case..

According to a federal court filing, Hardt, who is accused by the PA of acting for the sake of “company” With Moreau, he disagreed with the complete breach of confidentiality, arguing that full disclosure could endanger the victims and those being investigated in the case.

So the judge ordered partial confidentiality, an appeal “level 1”. He allowed access to, among other documents, the defendant’s plans and decisions that allowed the arrest.

“The name of the delegate who filed the breach of privacy request (…) has not been released, but the requests for preventive detention were signed by Delegate Martin Bottaro Purper on the 13th.”writes Folha.

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