The players of “Eintracht Erle” wanted to see their coach off

Things have been shaky internally at Eintracht Erle of late. Now let’s look ahead again. © Archive

Due to many details, some players of B-League Eintracht Erle have turned against their coach Manuel Jakob. But he doesn’t let him sit down.

Earle County. A small village with less than 3,500 inhabitants belongs to Reisfeld in the Borken region. However, it is not as quiet as it seems. At least not when it comes to Eintracht Frankfurt. In the B division, there are disagreements between some players and their coach Manuel Jacob. The coach confirmed this with a request and did not mince his words. he spoke plainly.

Alcohol and training methods create a disruptive fire

The focus is on Eintracht Frankfurt, not Manuel Jakob

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