The police surround the angry man in three cars

Police action

The police in front of Kastrop market pub on Saturday morning. apparently there was a dispute between the residents. © Jan Keuthen

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Viktualienmarkt in Castrop-Rauxel. That’s why the weekly market this week was not held in the pedestrian zone, but in the market square. It is here that the man started rioting around 08:15 in the early morning.

Our staff spotted a man running down Victoria Street and then walking towards Market Square, angry and furious in Market Square. It is not clear whether he damaged anything or hurt anyone. But the seller of the market called the police.

The man did not calm down, even though a woman tried to convince him to stop and calm him down. It is said that he kicked himself.

Surrounded by five police officers

Then three patrol cars arrived, the police chased the man and finally surrounded him on Mühlenstrasse. Five police officers surrounded the man and at first almost had to pin him to the ground. But that didn’t happen.

The police said that it was a drunk, 26-year-old man who was chasing other people. A criminal case was initiated against the man, who probably damaged the window in front of the billboard in his anger. However, no blood sample was taken after the breath alcohol test. This does not happen in case of damage to the property, the police representative said. Then the man was released.

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