The politics of Fröndenberg must be engaged, otherwise the museum will die at some point

Wash my wool, but don’t get me wet: According to our author, the city of Fröndenberg can no longer get the advantages of a tourist magnet at the lowest possible price.

Norbert Muczka is one of the volunteers at the Westphalian Chain Forge Museum. Muczka will soon celebrate her 79th birthday. © Archive/Marcus Land

The administration and politicians in Fröndenberg can rightfully call out to the screwdriver corps at the Westphalian Chain Forge Museum: You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up! It would be the truth and yet poisonous praise. Because over the years, the exhibition center has turned into an institution of at least regional importance. The team of volunteers reliably maintains operations. Retirees get involved where they can – but they are not museum professionals.

Contemporary and professional structure

The Chain Forge Museum and the Kulturschmiede have long accompanied a stable structure. A sponsoring association run by volunteers will soon be overwhelmed with keeping the museum attractive and up-to-date.

The cultural center in Himmelmannpark has long had the meaning of a town hall for Fröndenberg. However, a public event and a place of education is not available for free. Of course, the city spends every year about 40 thousand euros for the cultural center. In return, it receives a full event location with up to 30 events per year.

As indicated at the beginning, you can always continue like this. Because it’s working. Given the possible future plans for the museum part of the cultural center presented by the people involved in the association, it can hardly be thought to continue like this.

Politicians should see tourism as a duty

Instead, local politicians in Fröndenberg will have to show their colors in the coming months. What is the location factor for future caucuses? The legislature has made a city archive a mandatory duty for municipalities. More precisely. Each city has a full-time city archivist. Cities support culture and tourism voluntarily.

I firmly believe that local politicians should also see these soft factors of location as almost mandatory tasks. This resulted in a much better financial financing of the cultural center, which also made it possible to hire cashiers or supervisory staff. Otherwise, the glory may end sooner than the city would like.

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