The popular event in Selm-Bork was canceled in a brief announcementEnglish 

The popular event in Selm-Bork was canceled in a brief announcement

“Bork invites you” should be the motto of Thursday evening (June 30). In fact, the organizers fired their guests again – for security reasons due to a storm warning.

On Thursday evening (June 30) there is nothing to see from the stage and bar tables in front of the Dörlemann house in Bork. The organizers of “Bork invites you” have pulled the emergency brake. © Jura Weitzel

The German weather service had already curbed the expectation of an end to the sunny day on Thursday afternoon. There was talk of “thunder, heavy rain, hail and wind.” The wind can blow up to 100 kilometers per hour across the country in the summer storm. This warning still applies – but with two changes that Erdal Macit, one of the organizers of “Bork invites” could not guess.

“We had to make a decision at 15:00,” he says. Cancel or skip? The organizers chose the first option – for the safety of their guests. “We can not offer tents on a large scale,” says Macit. And in the scenario of the German Meteorological Service, substations are not enough anyway. Then people need more protection.

When the decision to cancel was made, meteorologists still predicted the storm for 18:00, so to start the outdoor event with beer and live music. “That has changed since then,” says Macit, the operator of Haus Dörlemann. It was not just a change in time. According to the latest update from the German weather service, Selm and the Borken district as well as the neighboring Coesfeld district may be lucky and be spared from bad storms. At least there was no more warning at 5:28 p.m.

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