The population is protesting after the shooting of a young man in Rio. protesters blame the police

The death of a young man this Monday night (18) caused a great protest of residents in several streets of Lapa, in the central district of Rio de Janeiro. A boy named Emmanuel Ramos was shot by a civilian policeman, according to protesters, inside a large house on Joaquim Silva street.

The civil police said in a post that the young man responded to an approach that was denied by the residents and people who passed by the place at that moment. A fake firearm was found with the victim.

Neighbors and acquaintances of the young man protested by setting fire to barricades on Lapa’s main streets, forcing traffic to shut down and causing large crowds late in the afternoon in the very busy region and onto dozens of bus lines.

Military police were deployed and used stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the protests. The Civil Police expert went to the scene, but the young man’s body was taken to the hospital by his relatives. The participants of the protest shouted that it was a crime of racism.

According to the civil police, the victim had a criminal record, and the second suspect managed to escape.

“According to the 5th PD [Mem de Sá], police officers were issuing an arrest warrant in Lapa, when a man with several criminal records and an open arrest warrant responded, was shot and died. A firearm simulator was confiscated from the criminal. The second suspect fled. A call was made to the capital murder department of the police, the case is in progress,” said the police report.

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