“The presidency is God’s mission,” says Bolsonaro at the Jesus March for Freedom

The president also spoke about the actions to cope with the pandemic and said that he had not been vaccinated, calling the decision “freedom”.

Alan Santos/PR – 05/27/2022 President Jair Bolsonaro
President Jair Bolsonaro had declared that the elections in Brazil were decided in a ‘secret chamber’ of the Supreme Electoral Court.

President Jair Bolsonaro participate this Saturday, the 16th, in the “March of Jesus for Freedom”, in Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. In his speech, the chief executive began to talk about the actions to deal with the pandemic Covid-19 in Brazil, once again criticizing the social isolation measures adopted by the governors. Citing the “stay at home” campaign used to encourage quarantine in states, the president questioned what the reality of the most vulnerable population would be if social isolation were to last longer. “It would be chaos. We did our part. I am sorry, thank God, I have not made any mistakes in my positions in the fight against Covid-19. Perhaps he was one of the rare or only leaders in the world who have these different positions, and to decide is not easy, because it always contradicts one or the other. I may make a mistake one day, but it will never be done by omission,” Bolsonaro said, receiving sustained applause from the audience.

However, regarding the pandemic, the president mentioned the purchase of vaccines and even said that the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, is already talking about getting immunizations against monkey pox. “We must look for better days for our population. Brazil cannot be stopped. Fight the virus? Yes, but hunger also kills. We did our part. In material matters, we achieved our goals, we bought 500 million vaccines. I have not received the vaccine, this is what I call freedom”, added the president. Still in the speech, in a direct gesture to the evangelicals present, Bolsonaro mentioned other topics such as religion and the protection of the family, considered “the basis of society” and spoke about the difficulties of the position. “You know what is the power, the responsibility that I have. So I ask you: does all power come from the people? No, if the people choose wrongly, they will pay a very high price up front. And the biggest price we can pay is the loss of your freedom. We see that with power the evil man is capable of anything, you follow my sufferings, what I endure. You follow what I face and I don’t complain. It is God’s mission to preside over the Republic.”

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