“The president must present better numbers than previous governments in this event,” says Flávio Bolsonaro

The senator is one of the coordinators of the presidential re-election campaign and gave an exclusive interview to Jovem Pan News

Jefferson Rudy / Agência Senado – 05/11/2022Flavio Bolsonaro
Senator Flávio Bolsonaro comments on the expectations for the PL party convention this Sunday, 24

In an interview with Jovem Pan News last Saturday, the 23rd, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), the son and one of the coordinators of the presidential election campaign Jair Bolsonaro (PL), spoke about the expectations for event that will formalize the father’s candidacy for re-election. According to him, the president prepares the tone of the speech this Sunday, the 24th, independently, but he must present positive figures from his government and compare them with the data of previous administrations.

“The reception is gigantic and wonderful, even considering the participation of the people of Espírito Santo, there in Vitória, where Bolsonaro was, with tens of thousands of people in the streets, carrying the president on his shoulders. So, we expect that in Maracanãzinho, from 11:22, President Bolsonaro will be announced once again during our congress as the official PL candidate for the presidency of the Republic. I think it’s going to be a great opportunity, I’m going to speak off the top of my head, for the president at this point, he’s got to be preparing what exactly he’s going to say, what his exact message is going to be, but I I believe it will be a great opportunity, for him to show the extraordinary things, the fantastic figures that the government managed to present in these three and a half years, considering that we had a pandemic and the war of Russia with Ukraine, still very, very . bigger numbers and much better than the previous governments”, commented Flavio.

“It will be a wonderful moment, where he will be able to make this kind of comparison, to be able to use this moment to inform the population, since President Bolsonaro, during his administration, was the victim of a massive reputation campaign. the destruction, of an attempt to make his tenure invisible, takes away any good he has done and merely criticizes the possible wrong things he could have done. And he will also be able to send a very important message of hope to all Brazilians, especially young people and women, who, I’m sure, will be very impressed and surprised to learn that the president has so much for that. segment, as well as for society as a whole. A person who fights, who fights, for the people. He will be able to show why this year 2022 is so important, which will be a big watershed for Brazil for decades to come. I think he is well prepared for this moment.”

The senator also said that the event should have a positive speech, announcing what has been done in the government and comparing the figures with the previous governments. “He cannot but compare our figures with those of previous governments. I do not know to what level he will come in his word about the aggressions he has suffered, unjust and false. Let’s wait, I don’t know how his speech will come. But I believe that, in this comparison between the governments, it will be an opportunity to unmask and remove the i’s and to tell the truth about the good things the government has done”, said Flávio.

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