The priest who disappeared from Minas was found dead. police are investigating

According to the police, reports are that the priest borrowed money days before he disappeared

The body of 35-year-old father Douglas Leyte, who was reported missing last Wednesday the 8th in Ferveduro (Minas Gerais), was found this Thursday the 9th in Miraduro, also in the Zona da Mata region. The official civil police medical examiner arrived at the scene and sent the body to the Muriae Legal Medical Office. The Diocese of Caratinga also confirmed the death of a priest who worked in the parish of Santa Barbara in Ferveduro.

Last Tuesday, around 10:30 in the morning, the priest together with his friend, also a priest, went through the town of Ferveduro to have lunch at San Francisco do Gloria, a little more than 10 km. Around 11:45 a.m. he would return to Ferveduro alone, never to be seen again.

The Civil Police then launched an investigation against the priest based on the testimony of people who knew him and reported the priest missing. The police found the priest’s car, a Volkswagen Beetle, abandoned in the city of Miraduro, near the restaurant where he had lunch. The body was also found near the place where the car was abandoned.

“We have not yet confirmed what happened, the investigation is ongoing. We are awaiting the forensic tests and report from the Muriae (MG) IML to confirm the cause of death,” said Police Chief Gladson Ferreira.

The police report that the information is that the priest borrowed money days before he disappeared, so they are working on the extortion version.

The Civil Police advisory also stressed that investigations are ongoing and no lines of inquiry have been ruled out. The case is being investigated by the Miraduro City Police Station 34 with the assistance of the Muriae Homicide and Personal Protection Division, DHPP.

Father Douglas Leyte was born in Conceição de Ipanema, in the Val do Río Doz region, and was ordained in August 2021.


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