The Prime Minister rules out the existence of explosives inside the backpack abandoned in the hotel sector in DF

The material was left near a gas tank, located in a garden near one of the hotels

Intelligence/Military Police of the Federal DistrictAbandoned backpack in the hotel sector in Brasilia
Abandoned backpack found in Setor Hoteleiro Norte, Brasilia

THE Military police e Federal District ruled out the existence of an explosive inside an abandoned backpack in Setor Hoteleiro Norte, in Brazil, this Tuesday the 27th. It was left near a petrol tank, located in a garden near one of the hotels. Agents found only clothes inside the backpack. According to the PMDF, she was found around 16:00, in Court 05 of the Hospitality Sector. As a precautionary measure, the police carried out the Petardo operation, carried out when the presence of explosives is suspected. The bomb squad was called. About 300 policemen were mobilized. PMDF confirmed for New pan that this is the fifth suspected bomb case in the last three days, and the 13th this year, and they occur on the eve of the inauguration of the president-elect. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT)🇧🇷 The ceremony takes place next Sunday, on 1. According to the information provided by journalist Berenice Leite, from News of New Pan, a robot that performed a type of xu beam used to check the contents inside the backpack and confirmed that there were no explosive devices. The police have surrounded the place and only the guests of the hotel near where the material was found have left for security reasons. Major Michello Bueno detailed News of New Pan how was the surgery “Since this backpack was close to the gas that feeds the hotel, we sent a robot to find out if it has radioactive material. Next, we sent another robot to x-ray to check for any explosive devices. When it was verified that there was nothing, the policeman opened the backpack and there were only clothes,” explained the major. It is suspected that the material belongs to a resident of the street. “Probably from someone who is homeless. This kind of case happens a lot here in Brasília,” he said. Michello also said the PMDF reinforced all its personnel in the days before the new government took office. “The Military Police is hiring all its staff. Holidays and days off are cancelled. Today, there were over 300 policemen in this part of the hotel alone”, he concluded.

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