The Prime Minister’s Ministry of Internal Affairs is investigating the official who threatened to kick a pregnant woman’s stomach in exchange for a debt.

A candidate for the federal deputy of Avante and with the banner of protecting the “interests of good citizens”.

Paulo Eduardo Diaz and Rogerio Pagna
Sao Paulo-SP

The Internal Affairs Department of the São Paulo Military Police has launched an investigation into the statements of a corp officer, Captain Andre Silva Rosa, who claimed in a video interview that he threatened to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach when he picked her up. 5000 BRL debt.

“You will pay me. If you don’t pay me, I will start hitting you in the stomach, jump on you, bite your ear,” the officer said in an interview with Snider Cast TV channel. On Youtube, about the moment of the attack. threat. The identity of the possible victim was not revealed in the interview.

Silva Rosa, the candidate for the federal deputy of Avante and under the banner of protecting the “interests of good citizens”, is the same one who was investigated in 2020 on the suspicion of creating false evidence in the arrest of an innocent person. He was also investigated last year for alleged threats to his girlfriend.

The report has been trying to contact the captain since Sunday (17) with no response. The report tried to speak to him on his mobile phone and also tried to find his defense but was unsuccessful till the time of filing this report.

The military police did not say what crimes he may have committed. He informed that the circumstances of the facts reported by the prime minister are being studied at the institution. If proven, they will be typed and presented to the court “so that the agent can respond in legal proceedings”.

For prosecutor Celeste Leite dos Santos, from the Public Ministry of São Paulo, the facts presented in the video are, in theory, a possible practice of the crime of extortion against a pregnant woman, which was carried out through a serious threat in order to obtain a possible advantage. From R$ 5000…


Santos immediately asked to start a police investigation after learning about the content of the recording sent with the report. Also, according to the prosecutor’s office, they were asked to identify a possible victim and take a statement, in addition to urgent protective measures.

According to the police interviewed by Folha, the priority is to try to find the victim and confirm whether the facts told by the Prime Minister are true or if they are an officer’s bravado in an attempt to seek votes from the public sympathetic to this type. behavior In both cases, he will be punished.

Criminal lawyer Roselle Sollio, after analyzing the recording at Folha’s request, said there are several crimes in the case, such as a possible home invasion without a warrant and a criminal threat. However, according to him, even if the message is false, the prime minister can answer for inciting the crime.

In the conversation, the captain tells how he would find out the woman’s address, go to her house and force her to pay the money through threats. The reason for the debt is not clear from the video.


Silva Rosa said he arrived at the woman’s address after tracking her phone erratically.

“I got her number. I made a diagram that I can’t talk about, you know, I was able to plot the area where he was making the calls. I was able to find there the probable perimeter of this woman’s residence, which was in the area of ​​Jardim Mirna. [na zona sul da capital paulista]”, he said.

Still, according to the Prime Minister’s story, he entered the woman’s house and started making several threats, including killing her. “I knocked on his door. [Ela:] ‘Who is that?’ I said: open it, it’s the police. [Ela:] ‘What?’ I said: “Open it, it’s the police, or I’ll take it out.”

The captain laughingly stated in the video that he wanted to kill her because he was deceived and had been following her for a long time. That’s when he talked about the abdominal thrust.


Also according to the captain’s account, when he realized that the pregnant woman was desperate, he advised her to get money from drug dealers or game people in the area to pay him.

The woman contacted a man, according to the captain, who asked to leave a boy’s money at the door.

According to the military police, Silva Rosa is being removed from public service in view of the incompatibility request, “whereby the candidate leaves his post to become eligible for electoral justice,” it said in one passage. A note sent to the report is:


Regarding the other investigations being carried out against the captain, the corporation informed that an investigation has been carried out through the Military Police investigation. The complaint about the alleged fraud was sent to the State Military Justice, and the alleged aggression was registered with the Military Police and the Civil Police.


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