The pro-gun event becomes Bolsonaro's campaign platformEnglish 

The pro-gun event becomes Bolsonaro’s campaign platform

Gun protection is one of the points that former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), now the leader of the electorate, uses to attack his rival.

Raquel Lopez
Brazil D.F

The event, held this Saturday (9) in Brazil by Proarmas, Brazil’s largest arms group, took place during the early political campaign for President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), attended by federal MPs Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) and Daniel Silveira (PTB). .-RJ), among others.

The meeting started in front of the Cathedral of Brazil and continued to the National Congress. Military police estimated that 2,700 people attended, praising Bolsonaro’s measures to make it easier to arm the population, one of his banners in the 2018 election and now.

According to the rule of electoral justice, this year’s campaign starts only on August 16.

Gun protection is one of the points that former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), now the leader of the electorate, uses to attack his rival. The PA member has already called his opponent “a sick person who thinks that Brazil’s problem can be solved with weapons” and said that he prefers weapons to books.

“Proarmas” describes itself as a movement in search of the “fundamental right” of self-defense and supports more than 50 candidates for various positions in the elections to be held in October. Some of the postulants were there. There was delivery of material with advertisement.

The facility works primarily for the benefit of CACs (hunters, shooters and gatherers). In general, everyone is in favor of the re-election of the current representative who is enthusiastic about the case. He has been promoted by speeches such as that of Rep. Eduardo Bolsonaro, his son.


“I don’t want to know what you think about electronic voting machines, go vote […]. So, my dears, I’m going to end here with a shout-out that you already know, and anyone who can add here, I’d appreciate it. “Brazil above all, God above all,” he said, repeating his father’s campaign slogan 4 years ago.

The president’s son criticized the federal delegates who did not give weapons to the CACs. Legislation passed by states recognizing the risk and effective need for CACs to operate.

“If the federal delegate doesn’t want to follow state law, we will go to court. We’re going to expose this guy. “If we follow the law, why don’t the authorities follow the law?” said Eduardo.

Ricardo Caiafa, the candidate for the district deputy of the PL federal district, said that the most important thing is to re-elect the president. He distributed a pamphlet containing his name, showing that he is a preliminary candidate. The item contained the words “because of the size [de armas] common to all CACs”.


“My initial application is secondary. First of all, we all have a mission, and we must accept and fulfill this mission to the end, that is, to re-elect the President of our Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. Then we will take care of the rest.”

During the event, activists raised Brazilian flags and towels with the president’s face. There were also people wearing shoot club shirts and the movement itself, as well as other personalized items.

In order for people to reach Brazil, Proarmas state organizers and shooting clubs organized excursions during the month of June. Through the Proarmas website, anyone can contribute financially to cover the costs of those who have not been able to pay.

The federal government has so far issued 15 executive orders, 19 executive orders, two bills and two resolutions that make gun laws more flexible. At the same time, Bolsonaro’s administration has weakened the mechanisms of control and verification of these articles.


In his weekly live broadcast on Thursday (30), Bolsonaro said the number of CACs would increase further if he is re-appointed. “In Brazil, we reach 700 thousand CAC. I intend, if there is a re-election, to reach 1 million CAC in Brazil next year.”

Folha revealed that Proarmas offered support to candidates who wanted to run for a seat in Congress in exchange for cabinet posts. The president of Proarmas Marcos Polon makes such a statement in a video published on social networks.

In addition, Pollon has free access to Congress. Senator Jorginho Mello (PL-SC) said in a video at the Proarmas National Convention that Pollon was being sent from his office.


“If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have access to anything in Congress. Today we have free access to two houses,” Polon said on Saturday.


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