The producer of Far Cry 3 is creating Blizzard’s survival game

Blizzard will reveal some new details about the survival game announced earlier this year. The team responsible for the game has grown twice, and Dan Hay – producer of the Far Cry series, among others, has taken over the position of president.

We learned about the state of joy from this year’s company summary, published on Blizzard’s website. As we read in one of the subsections, “Dan Hay, CEO of the emerging survival title, will lead his team in creating the first new IP after Overwatch. This year, the tail of the team has doubled, and next year the tail will increase even more“.

According to the January review, the new title will take players to a previously unknown universe, “full of heroes we have not yet met, stories to be told and adventures to be experienced”. The production still remains unnamed, but we know that it will appear on PCs and unspecified consoles – probably on the Microsoft platform..

According to unconfirmed information from August, the game has been given the working name “Oddysey” and is characterized by &egogon; fairytale atmosphere. The game was supposedly based on mechanics related to the expansion of ą bases and trading between players. According to the author of the leak, it won’t be a typical MMO game, but something similar to ARK: Survival Evolved, a sandbox set in an open world where players try to survive.

as we mentioned, the general director of the game passął Dan Hay – the producer of most of the hits of the Far Cry series. development part with Ubisoft in 2021, after more than ten years of cooperation.

We learned a few other equally interesting things from Blizzard’s announcement. The official return of BlizzCon – a gala evening dedicated to studio production – has been announced. We have met with the World of Warcraft Dragonflight Development Plans. The developers have published a letter about the changes and novelties that will be released in the 2023 addition. We are talking, for example, about the following tasks, trading places and megadungeons.

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