The project makes the CPF the only universal identification number in the country

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (December 21) a proposal that determines the number of CPF as the only number in the ledger (RG) all over the place. The project will be sent for presidential sanction.

The measure is in bill 1422/19, by MP Felipe Rigoni (União-ES) and others. The text was approved in the form of a substitute for the Committee on Work, Administration and Public Services, authored by deputy Lucas Gonzalez (Novo-MG). A Senate amendment to the text was also approved.

According to the substitute, CPF (Individual registration) must be included in the registers and documents of public bodies, in the civil status of natural persons or in the identification documents issued by professional councils.

Thus, with the entry into force of the future law, CPF will be used as a number in certificates (birth, marriage and death), as identification before INSS (NIT), in the work card, in CNH and others.


The expected duration is 12 months from the date of publication, so that agencies and entities can adjust the systems and procedures for serving citizens in order to adopt the CPF as an identification number.

There will also be a period of 24 months for bodies and entities to make changes to systems and databases to share information with each other from the CPF.

exceptional cases

The fragment deleted by the Senate amendment allowed each federal entity to discipline exceptional situations in which the document with the CPF would not be valid as a sufficient document to identify the citizen, by not presenting any other document.

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