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The PSD should have two ministries in Lula’s government, the website said

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The PSD is to lead two ministries in Lula’s government. One file will be on the Senate Subtitles Bench and the other will be on the House floor for introduction.

The information comes from Poder360, published this Wednesday (30).

The party has the second largest seat in the Senate with 11 senators and the fifth in the House with 42 MPs.

The most quoted for the First Ministry is Senator Carlos Favaro (photo) from Mato Grosso. It is expected that he will take over the portfolio of Agriculture.

Michel Temer’s former agriculture minister, Blairo Maji, acted behind the scenes to benefit Favaro, Poder360 says.

The PT fears a senatorial nomination because its deputy, Margaret Busetti (PP), is a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro (LL). Maggie assured that she would join the PSD and be under control.

As for the second ministry, the deputy Pedro Paulo, an ally of Eduardo Paes, is quoted the most. There is no set portfolio yet for Paulo, who was Treasury Secretary in Rio.

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