The PT leaders of the Chamber support the invitation to explain the interest to Campos Neto

The MP also expects more leaders from the government base to sign the document by next Tuesday, the 14th, after consulting their benches.

The PT leaders of the Chamber decided this Wednesday, the 8th, to support the invitation of the President of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, to go to Congress to explain the interest rate policy of the institution. In recent days, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has stepped up his criticism of the monetary authority’s actions, but today Secretary of Institutional Relations Alexander Padilha announced that there is no government action to restore the autonomy of the Central Bank.

After the meeting of the allied base in the House, PT leader Zeka Dirceu (PR) said that he signed the urgent request presented by the PSOL to invite Campos Neto to give explanations in the House about the main interests. The Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) maintained the Selic exchange rate at 13.75% last week. The head of the government of the Chamber, Jose Guimarez (PT-CE), announced that he will also sign the document.

Approval of the urgent request is necessary so that Campos Neto’s invitation can be immediately voted on in the plenary session. The request was introduced by the PSOL leader of the House, Guilherme Boulos (SP), who expects the vote to take place next week. The MP also expects more leaders from the government base to sign the document by next Tuesday, the 14th, after consulting their benches.

“We signed here, I don’t know all the base leaders, but most of them signed, I also signed a request by which I invite the president of the Central Bank, like any government, to come here to explain and give satisfaction. For me, he should explain the inexplicable,” said Zeka Dirceu.

“We had a conversation, and I myself recommended the proposal of PSOL leader, MP Boulos, to turn it into an invitation. “I haven’t signed yet, but I will,” he added. According to the Central Bank Autonomy Law, Campos Neto cannot be invited to the Congress, only invited to appear before the legislative body.

According to Dirceu, in today’s meeting of the governing base, the possibility of creating a committee of deputies who would go to ST to ask questions to Campos Neto was also discussed. The PA leader of the House said that there is no consensus on this proposal, but it has not been completely rejected.

Before going into the session, Boulos announced that there is also no consensus among the government’s base to support the bill (PL) that revokes BC’s autonomy. PL announced PSOL yesterday, after Lula stepped up his criticism to the level of Selić. Boulos even called Campos Neto an “infiltrator” of former President Jair Bolsonaro and former Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. For the MP, the BC president is boycotting the resumption of economic growth, keeping Selic at the current level.


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