The rain leaves more than 13,000 people homeless in 53 municipalities in Bahia

Other Brazilian states are on standby: Espírito Santo, Paraná and São Paulo

Playback / Twitter @flavioavoThe rains in Bahia
Rain floods the streets of Bahia and leaves people homeless and homeless

The rains that hit bahia This Tuesday, the 6th, 13,806 people remained homeless and 552 homeless in 53 municipalities, of which 31 are in a state of emergency. The data is from the state government. Also this Monday, the 5th, an elderly man, 71 years old, died in Itapicuru while trying to cross a stream during a storm. The victim was carried away by the current. According to the state, the floods directly or indirectly affected 78,365 people. In addition to Bahia, other Brazilian states are on standby: The Holy Spirit🇧🇷 Money AND São Paulo🇧🇷 In Espírito Santo, the Civil Defense said that landslides could occur in Cariacica, Fundao, Viana, Ibiraçu, João Neiva, Aracruz and Rio Bananal. In Parana, the cities of Araucária, Balsa Nova (both in the metropolitan region of Curitiba), Contenda and Mandirituba are on red alert for rainfall. In São Paulo, Civil Defense continues to monitor flood risks in three areas. Alerts include the capital and metropolitan region.

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