The rain tax will surprise many this year. You also have to pay the rain tax? Check how this tax works

Rainwater tax has been in force in Poland since 2018, yet many plot owners do not know that they need to pay it. In 2023, these people could experience an unpleasant surprise, because many offices will collect compensation from taxpayers for the last 5 years. Check what the so-called rain tax, how much it is and who has to pay it.


A rain tax, also known as a rain tax or rain tax, is a tax paid to reduce the natural retention of land by construction. It is about the soil’s ability to absorb rainwater and meltwater, which is reduced by building over or concreting the plot in another way (eg the ground is covered by a parking lot). When the surface of the soil is too small to retain, problems begin – the groundwater level drops, leading to drought. Moreover, water that has nowhere to go can cause flooding.

In practice the rain tax is levied on the surface of buildings that prevent the soil from absorbing rainwaterincluding, among others:

  • roof surfaces of buildings,
  • terrace area,
  • paved area on the plot,
  • non-public roads and squares.

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