The ranking of the best countries to live in after retirement has been publishedEnglish 

The ranking of the best countries to live in after retirement has been published

Have you ever wondered what your life will be like when you retire? where will you live? So, know that Latin countries like Ecuador, Colombia and Uruguay are among the places with the best quality of life for those who are already planning their retirement with peace of mind.

This is what the 2022 Global Annual Pension Index shows. The ranking was made by the magazine. International lifewhich specializes in retirement.

Among the top countries highlighted this year, six of them are from Latin America and three are in the top 10 of the list. (see below)

The research has been conducted for 30 years and takes into account factors such as healthcare, food, tourist facilities, public transport, etc. See more about the index and which are the best countries to live in after retirement.

What is the Global Annual Pension Index?

THE: International life emphasizes that the ranking of the best places to live after retirement cannot be classified as scientific research.

The list is compiled after research, travel and overall public opinion. The data is collected by a simple method. Interested in retiring and living abroad?

From this answer, they explore the criteria for a retiree to choose where they can lead a healthier and happier life, spend much less money, and get much more.

In addition, the magazine has correspondents everywhere to closely follow the experiences of these countries.

“We have our people working in attractive overseas communities that we know you should consider. They report back to us with insights and information about what’s really going on.”

“They are not required to provide transportation services or real estate agents or tourist boards or economic development organizations. They work for you,” he emphasizes.

10 Best Places to Live After Retirement

According to a post published by International Living, the goal of creating the ranking is to help seniors research so they can move in the best direction.

“Our goal with this indicator is to make it really useful. We are not looking for random information from random people around the world. you can get it with a simple internet search. Instead, we’re in the business of providing solid recommendations for a limited number of options.”

See the list.

1 – Panama

2 – Costa Rica

3 – Mexico

4 – Portugal

5 – Colombia

6 – Ecuador

7 – France

8 – Malta

9 – Spain

10 – Uruguay

The first country on the list is Panama – Photo: reproduction

With information from International Living

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