The refrigerator, oven and lamps are tax deductible. How to use housing benefits? Don’t forget to deduct income tax for the furniture for 2022

The costs of furniture, lighting, induction or oven can be deducted in the tax calculation in 2023. The housing benefit in 2022, which is due after the sale of the property, does not only cover the costs of buying another apartment or renovating. You can also deduct from your tax the costs incurred by purchasing home furniture, for example kitchen furniture, induction, refrigerator or oven. See who can use housing benefits and what can be deducted in the 2022 income tax return.


Costs incurred for the purchase lighting, household appliancesand bathroom furniture and kitchen cabinets we can include in housing benefit for 2022. This is what it says in the latest interpretation of the Law from 2022. The housing allowance is one of the most important allowances that is worth using in paying income tax for 2022. We explain who is entitled to the housing allowance for 2022 and how and by when it can be settled with the tax administration.

The income that the taxpayer receives from the sale of real estate 5 years ago counting from the end of the year in which it was purchased, it is taxed at a tax rate of 19%. but if within 3 years from the end of the tax yearin which we sold the said apartment, sales income we will spend on own residential purposeswe can apply for tax exemption.

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