The RJ government will pay R500 to women victims of domestic violence

Now it’s a law! The city of Rio de Janeiro has created a unique advantage for women victims of domestic violence to start their lives anew. The Cartão Mulher Carioca program will pay 500 per month to help these women.

The program was approved by law 7.754/2023 and will guarantee the right of all women and orphans who meet the pre-determined characteristics.

The money will be paid to women registered with their own card. The first beneficiaries are already receiving the aid from this month. (see below who can receive)

Does not replace other benefits

According to Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, the appeal will be valid for six months, but there is a possibility to extend it for another three months.

It should be noted that this assistance does not replace any other social benefit received by the victim.

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who can get

The Women Victims of Domestic Violence Benefit is paid to those who meet certain program prerequisites.

The victim must be at least 18 years old, except for teenagers who are already mothers.

It is also necessary for the woman to be assisted by the network in the fight against violence against women, in addition to establishing residence in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Bodies that care for women going through this situation will also be able to receive an allowance as a form of financial support for the project.

There is no website to register. As women are supported in the municipality’s official network, they undergo validation and are guided on how to fill in the data to receive assistance.

More security for everyone

The program was developed by the Secretary of Policy for the Promotion of Women in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Joyce Trindade, secretary responsible for the portfolio, the Carioca Woman Card was created to provide greater safety for victims of abuse as a way to break this cycle.

The secretary also noted that Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities that has become a reference point in relation to public policies aimed at women.

“It is great to continue and increase the benefit of this fundamental policy for the edification and emancipation of women in Rio de Janeiro. Violence drives many women out of the labor market, making it impossible for them to achieve financial autonomy. Bringing this aid is the answer so that they can secure their income and break out of this cycle of violence,” said Secretary Joyce Trindade.

The program was launched in January 2021 and continues to receive several improvements to date. The allowance was initially BRL 400, but rose to BRL 500 in 2023.

Women who have questions about help or who need to report an incident of violence can look for service centers that are distributed in certain parts of the city. Are they?

  • Casa da Mulher Carioca Tia Doca, in Madureira;
  • Chiquinha Gonzaga, center;
  • Casa da Mulher Carioca Dinah Coutinho, at Realengo;
  • Aunt Gaucha, in Santa Cruz;
  • Casa da Mulher Carioca Elza Soares, at Padre Miguel.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Páez was present at the benefit launch – Photo: RJ City Hall

According to the information of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

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