The RN government has to complete the 13th wage only in 2023

The government of the great northern river announced this Tuesday (December 20) the payment of another additional 30% of the thirteenth salary. However, the way the state intends to make the deposits – unevenly among civil servants and without a date for payment of the full amount – is contrary to what the Federal Constitution says.

In a note, the Executive announced that this Wednesday (21/12) only active employees of Education and indirect administration bodies will have money in their accounts, such as Detran, Idema, Jucern, among others. According to the Constitution, tip must be paid by December 20th🇧🇷

Only next Friday (23), the Government will send the 13th supplement to those who earn up to R$ 5 thousand. Also, the forecast is that only next week will be announced the date of filing the remaining part of the thirteenth salary list.

According to information disclosed by the Union of Public Service Workers of the Direct Administration of Rio Grande do Norte (Sinsp🇧🇷RN), the intention of the State Government is to complete the payment of the 13th salary for the year 2022 only in 2023.

Warrant Officer Márcia Carvalho, president of the Association of Warrant Officers and Fire Sergeants of the Police and Military (ASSPMBMRN), considers the form of payment as “another demonstration of disrespect for the functionality of the State Government, especially those of Public Security who are on the streets day and night for the protection and well-being of society. Acting in this way, the Executive contradicts the political campaign that guaranteed the re-election of the leaders, when it claimed to keep the payroll up to date and directly affects the local trade, harming the state’s income.🇧🇷

🇧🇷ASSPMBMRN demands respect and equal payments for all public servants and if necessary will use legal measures to guarantee the rights of our associates.“, announces the President of the Association.

Fewer resources for the state

The lack of this payment, besides leaving the humblest servants in the lurch, unable to prepare for the holidays, also greatly hinders the trade of Rio Grande do Norte, reducing Christmas shopping and therefore reducing the ICMS collected by the bank itself State of Rio Grande do Norte.

🇧🇷We remind you that in the last year the payment of the 13th salary of 2021 was finalized only in January 2022. An illegal practice“, prompts Sinsp.

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