The salary of a Brazilian parliamentarian is 15 times greater than the income of the citizen

A survey conducted by CNN Brasil reveals that wage of Brazilian parliamentarians is 15.2 times higher than the average salary of working citizens.

Data for Brazil are obtained from the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea🇧🇷 that of the United States from the North American Census and others from the World Bank.

After the salary increase approved by the National Congress, Brazil leads the ranking with the highest percentage.

The draft legislative decree gave readmissions to federal deputies, senators, the president, vice president and ministers of state.

Salaries increase from the current 33.7 thousand BRL to 39.2 thousand BRL in January 2023; to 41.6 thousand BRL in April 2023; to 42.9 thousand BRL in 2024; to R$ 44,500 in 2025 and R$ 46,300 in 2026 (an absurd total readjustment of about 37.5% in this period).

The average salary of the working population is R$ 2,737, according to Ipea data.

world ranking

In the ranking predicted by CNN, the first five places are South American countries, namely: Colombia (15.1), Bolivia (12.2), Chile (7.2) and Uruguay (6.4).

See the April salary simulation rankings below.

Salary of MPs x average monthly income of the population

Income: Brazil – IPEA, USA – Census, other countries – World Bank

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