The school Olympiad recovery period is opening

Registration is open for the 2023 edition of the 2023 Knowledge Competition for the WWF-Brazil Ecosystem Restoration Olympiad, Restaura Natureza. According to the schedule: Registration is open until April 21st.

This is the second edition of the joint competition. According to the regulation, Restaura Natureza is an educational initiative that aims to promote the culture and experience of restoration from the school community. The campaign is in line with the United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. The competition, organized by Quero na Escola, in partnership with WWF-Brasil, has the support of the country’s governments and companies.

In this second edition, in addition to the opportunity for students from grades 7 to 9 of public and private schools to participate, the Olympiad opened a space for students of grades 1 of high school.

Two phrases

As stated in the regulation, Restaura Natureza has two phases
additional courses in which students accumulate credits, one theoretical and the other practical. The theoretical phase, in-person and online, consists of theoretical and “gamified” training via the Internet. In this regard, students will have access to materials related to 10 study topics and will have to answer questionnaires at the end of each.

The second stage is done in groups. In this phase, students will develop their projects under the guidance of the teacher in charge, related to the use of technology, planting, community management change, engagement campaigns or any creative activity that contributes to the restoration of ecosystems.

Still according to the regulations, actions must be recorded and sent by the platform in text, photo and/or video. Project evaluation will be based on this report.

key dates

  • Start of online and hands-on rounds: March 7;
  • Registration deadline and online phase: April 21.
  • End of practical phase and deadline for submission of action protocols: June 5.

According to Agência Brasil.

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