The Science of Driving Pop Culture

Credit: Luiz Telles

Artist and scientist on stage. Tom DeSanto is the guy responsible for movie franchises like X-Men and Transformers. Frank Marchis is the lead scientist for the Unistellar telescope company. One with a collection of fifty thousand comics. Another Asimov and film influence is the fifth element. Both passionate about pop culture.

This relationship between art and science has always been crucial to the evolution of the narrative and for us to imagine technologies long before they were viable. In fact, in the Renaissance, these two disciplines were present in the same person, without separation, because the truth is that they must walk together all the time. Just think of figures like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

In modern times, this fusion is less common, but there is really no difference between an artist and a scientist, according to Frank:

“All of us (artists and scientists) are dreamers and we want to make the world a better place”

Makes sense. Artists come up with things they don’t know how to produce, how to perform them. Scientists help in that part. Artists are the ones who ask questions about how things might work and show their version of the answer through fiction. Scientists provoked by these attitudes end up looking for real solutions to imagined inventions.

Charles Darwin used art, drawings, illustrations to show people his thinking and the results of his research work. HG Wells, the famous fantasy writer, did not like Charles Darwin by chance. It is a symbiotic process.

Several inventions that we use in our daily lives today appeared in works of fiction in the past and this is always a conditioning factor.

This concept is very powerful. It broadens views on science and brings us all closer together.

Artists and scientists look at life through the lens of hope. And that way, together, they can help create a “Star Trek” future instead of a “Mad Max” future.

This is the power of art to influence the future of science. “Art is the most powerful weapon GOOD has on the planet.”

I hope.

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