The Scorn update addresses the criticized element

Horror Scorn awaits & lstrok; si & eogon; an update dealing with & eogon; among other shortcomings that were often mentioned in reviews. The mode of operation of control points has been changed.

“Essential & aogon; bol & aogon; czk & aogon; the autosave system is flawed – the game state is saved & eogon; spontaneously after reaching milestones, for example after picking up an important item. This leads to a situation where you have to reset the entire & cacute; & lstrok; y chapter & lstrok; because & zdot; unfortunate record uwi & eogon; zi & lstrok; us up & eogon; tli & sacute; death “ – notes & zdot; y & lstroke; already & zdot; Marek in our review.

The patch somewhat responds to these pains. Therefore it is ability to load a previous checkpointwhose appearance has also been “updated”. It is not clear if this means more & eogon; with & aogon; their number & eogon ;, but any change will be welcome here.

Patch also fixes a number of bugs, such as game crashing, mixed crashes, loading issues in the back, freezing. independent characters and so on. Essentially remove the ability to dodge and avoid the interior of the enemy after finishing the knee strike. Sometimes they made & lshed; writing, how about & zdot; e forces & lstrok; o to cancel the entire section & lstrok;

The update is now on. available on PC and should be available soon. yes & zdot; e on Xbox Series X / S. Contempt doesn’t become & eogon; of course & sacute; vi production & aogon; idealn & aogon; – no shortage of other frustrating elements to replace & cacute; cho & cacute; by walking & eogon; or some logic puzzles.

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