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The Senate postpones the vote on the PEC that excludes the politician from resigning to take the embassy

According to the rapporteur, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos França, has not explained his considerations for the text of the proposal.

Waldemir Barreto / Agência SenadoPlenary of the Senate
The request for an appearance was presented to the CCJ of Casa

A collective request presented on Wednesday, 6, postponed the vote on the text of Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) politicizing Brazilian diplomacy IN Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of The Senate. The CEC proposes that parliamentarians take command of embassies without losing their mandate. In a note, the Itamaraty Palace acknowledged that the proposal would affect the hard-line separation of powers clause. Currently, the Constitution of parliamentary mandate when federal deputies or senators head a temporary diplomatic mission. But in order to exercise the position of ambassador, the parliamentarian must give up his mandate. The CEC is an initiative of the senator David Alcolumbre (União Brasil-AP), president of the CCJ. On Wednesday, the Commission held a public hearing to debate the text, a move that was criticized by senators. They believe that the PEC can generate conflicts between national interests and political motivations. Some also criticize the constitutionality of the case. The rapporteur of the KPZ in the CCJ is a Senator Daniella Ribeiro, who presented a favorable opinion of the text. She regrets the absence of Foreign Minister Carlos França and said that so far she has not received the Itamaraty head’s considerations for the text.

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*With information from journalist Marília Sena

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