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The Senate will vote on a bill that reserves money for disaster relief

Photo: Sergio Barzagui/SP State Government

The plenary session of the Senate should vote this Tuesday (14). a bill that guarantees 25% of the budget’s contingency reserve for the service of people affected by disasters. The session is scheduled at 2:00 p.m.

The supplementary bill, authored by Senator Leila Barros (PDT-DF), amends the existing legislation; Allocate a portion of the emergency reserve to support public disaster response operations like those that took place on February 18 in San Sebastião, on the north coast of Sao Paulo. Sixty-five people died, and more than 4,000 were left homeless or displaced.

The emergency reserve is provided for by the Law on Fiscal Responsibility. According to the norm, the money should be used for “unforeseen fiscal events”. The senator’s PDT bill expands the scope of the emergency reserve provide health and social support activities for people affected by disasters while the economic effects of the disaster are sustained.

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