The SERGAS SE tender is authorized and scheduled for 2023. see new updates

SERGAS SE tender (Sergipe Gás S/A) is authorized. The information was clarified through the social networks of the government of Sergipe, where it is stated that the decree is scheduled for 2023. Approval was granted through Governor Belivaldo Chagas.

It is predicted that 10 vacancies will be offered and allocated to the following bodies:

  • Technician – 2 vacancies;
  • Engineer – 1 vacancy;
  • Organizational analyst – 7 vacancies.

When was the last SERGAS SE competition?

The last notification was published in 2016. At that time: 09:00 vacancies for medium and high level. In addition to immediate vacancies, reserve registration opportunities were also offered.

It is important to note that wages ranged from R$2,548.78 to R$6,910.31 per 40-hour shift per week.

How were the steps?

The SERGAS SE competition had an objective and discursive phase. The first stage consisted of a general knowledge test and a specific knowledge test.

It should be remembered that the discursive phase had an essay and referred to one of the contents contained in the specific knowledge test. Wages ranged from R$2,548.78 to R$6,910.31 for a 40-hour shift per week. positions🇧🇷


SERGAS is a company governed by private law, a mixed capital company, affiliated to the State Secretariat for Economic Development and Science and Technology.

The organization was established in 1993 with the aim of distributing natural gas by pipeline to various market segments (commercial, industrial, residential, automotive, manufacturing, etc.), be it for raw materials, power generation or use, or for other purposes. that technological progress allows to contribute to the economic and social development of the state.

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