The shocking moment world champion Sunny Edwards defeated a Twitter troll who traveled 200 miles for the fight

SUNNY EDWARDS has taught a social media troll a lesson after daring to step into the ring with a world champion.

The Brit, 26, invited Twitter user Fab Tang to his gym in Sheffield to put his money where his mouth is.


Sunny Edwards landed some big shots on his opponentCredit: TWITTER / SUNNY EDWARDS
Fab Tanga was exhausted after a few minutes and threw in the towel


Fab Tanga was exhausted after a few minutes and threw in the towelCredit: TWITTER / SUNNY EDWARDS
But the pair settled their differences by the end of the sparring session


But the pair settled their differences by the end of the sparring sessionCredit: TWITTER / SUNNY EDWARDS

Remarkably, Tanga agreed and spent £110 on a train to travel the 200 miles from London to Sheffield to fight Edwards.

Unsurprisingly, it was a very one-sided affair and Tango lasted just over six minutes before exhaustion forced him to call it quits.

Edwards toyed with his opponent throughout, dancing and jabbing whenever he felt like it.

At one point he even hid behind Tang as his wild swings became more and more desperate.

The 18-0 boxer went easy on Tango for the most part, but he landed a big left hook that sent his opponent backwards into the ropes.

One final big shot finally settled the match as Tanga dropped to his knees before leaning against the ropes to catch his breath.

Despite their previous animosity, with Tang calling Edwards a “coward”, both men were in good spirits after the fight.

Edwards clearly respected Tang for keeping his word and having the courage to step into the ring, so the pair posed for a post-match photo together with Edwards calling his opponent “the champion”.


Edwards was respectful throughout and could have done some serious damage if he chose to, but instead chose to throw light punches and pulled his bigger punches.

Once he realized the fight was on and Tango was waiting outside his gym, Edwards said on Twitter: “No, you’re cool for coming. I’ve got kids under 7 and I’ll come get you and we’ll go to the gym.”

Tanga was not keen on the prospect of fighting children, so Edwards took to Twitter to ask for someone to take care of his children so he could fight the Londoner.

After the fight, Edwards tweeted: “In all seriousness, respect to Tanz
for traveling four hours by train from London to Sheffield on his own back and getting me off the couch for a few games.”

Tanga appreciated Edwards taking the time to say: “I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you Sunny Edwards for showing me that there is at least one SUPER CHAMPION in the UK.

“I’ll pray to God to protect you and your family and friends, he’s quick, he’s really quick, £84 back in London.”

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