The smallest apartment in the world? Check out the 2.5 meter apartment with palm trees in the heart of Krakow. You can live in this micro studio apartment

Apartment XXS is located in Krakow. A refrigerator, a microwave and a bathroom with a shower are just some of the advantages of this unusual place for tourists visiting Krakow. Be sure to check out the unusual apartment, which is the smallest apartment in Poland. See how this microscopic estate is arranged.


The smallest apartment in Poland is located in the old town of Krakow, just 600 meters from the main square and 1600 meters from the railway station. XXS apartment has only square footage 2.5 square meters and you can rent it for a few days online. The apartment has no windows, but many tourists who have stayed there speak highly of it. A three-day stay in an apartment is expensive about PLN 450.

– Registration was self-service, which was a great convenience. You can come anytime. I received all the instructions via e-mail. Moreover, despite the micro size of the apartment, everything was necessary: ​​toilet, shower, plates (even pepper and salt, tea, coffee), kettle, refrigerator, microwave oven. The price is very nice. An ideal place for wanderers who only need a bed to sleep, like me – commented one of the Internet users on his impressions of staying in the apartment.

The smallest apartment in Poland has room for, among other things:

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