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The son gives his mother a doll he wanted as a child

Gilberht Velasco Día recently shared his mother’s touching story with a beautiful gesture captured in a tiktok video.

The Colombian revealed that his mother had a painful childhood full of deprivation. When she was a little girl, she dreamed of having a doll, but her parents could not afford it. To be able to play, she cut out a picture of a doll that was included in Pastas La Muñeca pasta packages and imagined that she was playing with a real doll.

Unfortunately, the girl did not realize her dream of having the dream doll. This child grew up, became a woman, had children, and grew old without ever having the toy.

Gilbert showed tremendous sensitivity when he undertook to fulfill the dream of a girl that was still in his mother’s heart; he decided to give her the doll she had dreamed about.

The Pastas La Muñeca pasta brand still exists, so the man reached out to get a design for the brand’s mascot doll and make the real thing.

After receiving the gift, the old woman was deeply moved and could not hold back her tears. The little girl still hugged the toy, stroked and rocked it.

The man even wrote at the end of the video.

“Thank you mom for giving me everything you lacked. I love you.”

@gilberhtdiaz Muchas gracias @pastaslamuneca for accompanying my mom’s childhood. La hicieron was very happy and after 68 years he was able to have his muneca. #TeAmoMamá #Lagrimas #Emotivo #Sueños #Love #Amor #niñezfeliz #Gracias ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina


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