The sports company cancels bets placed on the condemned player of the Amazon team

Written by Augusto Patryck on October 21, 2022 at 2:36 pm

Amazonas – Bookmaker Bet365 has announced after two months that all bets placed on the match between Atlético Amazonense and SulAmérica have been voided due to a match-fixing scheme.

In printouts from sports advice groups, a man is amazed at the bet being voided and says he’s never seen it after so long.

A man would bet R$933.33 reais on the final result of the match where he would get R$1633.32 reais if Atletico Amazonense won, but the team lost with an own goal by Júli Campos and he lost in value. He was redeemed. Watch the video:


In September 2022, player Júlio Campos was sentenced to a 300-day suspension and a fine of R$25,000. The athlete did not present a defense and was not present during the trial by the 2nd Disciplinary Commission of the Sports Court of Amazonas (TJD-AM).

The club was then also banned for 12 matches and will have to pay a fine of R$50,000. Then-team leader Henrique Barbosa was acquitted, but the prosecution appealed.

Earlier this month, TJD-AM reviewed the decision to release the president and fined the leader, Henrique, E$100,000 and a football ban. Despite the decision, it is possible to appeal to the Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD).

Henrique cannot hold positions in Amazonian football, if he appeals to the STJD and loses, the decision applies to all of Brazil.

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