The star of Bethlehem can have many colors. See how to make Christmas decorations with poinsettias

Star of Bethlehem is the common name for the poinsettia plant. This flower is a Mexican beauty that the Aztecs called the flame flower. In nature, it has the shape of a large bush. We grow the Star of Bethlehem in pots. And we can choose from various sizes, colors and shades of Christmas stars – although the most popular is red.


The color of the Christmas star, as it is also called the star of Bethlehem, is not determined by the flowers, which are rather unsightly, white or creamy white. What most adorns the Star of Bethlehem are bracts – beautifully colored leaves that surround the flowers. The Christmas classic is, of course, red. And this is the color of plants that we choose most often as decorations for our homes. But we are not the only ones condemned to it. Because poinsettias come in many other varieties.

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Christmas stars are beautiful shades of pink: from candy to dirty pink. The stars of Bethlehem are extremely elegant salmonand creamy. They have a slightly cooler shade pistachio slightly greenish shades. They are also eye-catching erased Christmas starswhose bracts look as if someone has rubbed them with paint.

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