The star of the series ‘Wandinha’, Jenna Ortega thinks of leaving social networks

The actress revealed during an interview that she takes a number of precautions when using social networks

Discovery/NetflixJenna Ortega as Wandinha
Jenna Ortega plays Wandinha Addams in a Netflix production

Star of the series “Wandinha“, give netflix, Jenna Ortega has surprised fans after a statement during an interview for “Women’s Health” magazine. The 20-year-old actress has revealed that she is dealing with anxiety and depression and is thinking of leaving social networks. She says that she has been very careful with social networks, which for her can cause more internal conflicts. “I delete Instagram from my phone maybe twice a week. Also, I try to stay away from the device as much as possible, but it’s difficult because that’s how young people connect these days,” said the actress. For the Spanish portal “Sensacine”, the actress admitted that she is ashamed of her height. This is because many fans are surprised by her size when they meet her and this hurts her self-esteem. The American actress has more than 30 million followers on Instagram. The Netflix exclusive series is the second most-watched English-language production on the platform in its 28 days of release, second only to Stranger Things.

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