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The state of Rio de Janeiro launches the application to help women victims of domestic violence

The Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro launched an application to help women victims of violence. Rede Mulher (Android, iOS) was developed by the Military Police and directs the user to 190 when pressing the emergency button.

The app also has five other features:

– online police station: the user addresses the Civil Police;

– incognito mode: once activated, the application changes its appearance and can only be accessed with login and password;

– how to create a request for a protective measure: to help women report the violence they have suffered to the competent authorities

– List of specialized centers to help women: list of institutions where they can find shelter.

– list of guardians: the user of the application will be able to enter the contacts of up to three people who can help him if he is in an emergency situation.

The app also answers women’s questions about how to identify domestic violence.

To use Rede Mulher, the user must create an account, entering data such as CPF, phone number and email.


It is worth noting that several states already have their own applications to help women victims of violence, as well as various initiatives on this topic. São Paulo, for example, launched SOS Mulher (Android, iOS) in March 2019.

In March 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the State of Minas Gerais launched its version of the application. MG Mulher (Android, iOS) requires access to the mobile’s GPS and SMS messages in addition to requesting CPF during registration.

There is also SOS Mulher MT (Android, iOS), launched in March 2019, and SOS Mulher do Amapá (Android, iOS), developed by the Public Ministry of the State.

An app that has an emergency button is Rappi (Android, iOS)

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