The statuettes of the Oscar winners will not have gold. understand the reason

Created by DM9, the campaign aims to draw global attention to the Yanomami humanitarian crisis caused by illegal mining.

The Academy Awards ceremony will take place this Sunday (12) in Los Angeles, USA. The 2023 edition, considered the most important film award in the market, will be different from the previous ones. the figurines of the winners will not have gold.

The removal of this metal from the Amazon forest is part of a campaign by the Yanomami indigenous group to fight illegal mining of what was once considered the most valuable symbol of history. Instead of the traditional gold statuette, the winners will take home a statuette depicting the deity Omama.

The campaign, created by DM9 and produced by Hungry Man, aims to draw global attention to the humanitarian crisis facing indigenous people caused by illegal mining. Direction was by Hanna Battista and audio production is by Pingado.


To publicize the action, twenty of the main contenders for the “Oscar” will receive a message from the head of the Urihi Yanomami Association, Junior Hekurari Yanomami. Nominees include: Angela Bassett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Carrie Condon, Stephanie Hsu, Hong Chow, Brendan Gleeson, Judd Hirsch, Brian Tyree Henry, Barry Keoghan, Ke Hui Quan, Brendan Fraser, Colin Farrell, Austin Butler, Bill Nighy, Paul Mezcal, Andrea Riseborough, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Williams, Ana de Armas and Michelle Yeoh.

The campaign will also lead artists and the public to a digital counter that shows the social and natural impact of every gram of illegal gold on the Amazon rainforest and the Yanomami people.

“In your culture, gold means good luck. For my people, for the forest and for the creatures that are still left in the Amazon, it means death and destruction. All contributors to this award can and have helped shape the world’s behavior many times over. They need to know what the true value of illegal gold is and help spread that message so we can see change,” Junior said.

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