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The STF is in a majority to stay action against the ordinance restricting access to arms

Photo: Nelson JR/SCO/STF

Oh A full bench of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) formed a majority to stay all actions against the ordinance From President Lula, limiting access to firearms in the country, this Friday (10).

Till now, five ministers followed the understanding of Gilmar Mendes, rapporteur of the case (Photograph). Carmen Lucia, Alexander de Moraes, Edson Fachin, Diaz Toffoli and Roberto Barroso cast their votes in the court’s electronic system.

the decree signed by Lula on January 1 suspended the registration of purchase and transfer of weapons and ammunition for limited use by hunters, collectors, shooters and private individuals, limitation of the number of weapons and ammunition for permitted use, issuance of new registrations for collectors, shooters and hunters and suspended; provision of new registrations for clubs and shooting schools;

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