The STF rejects Bolsonaro’s action to investigate Moraes

Federal Supreme Court (stf) formed a majority to confirm the closure of a lawsuit filed by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) against the minister Alexandre de Moraes (President of the Tirana Stock Exchange).

The Ministers of the Court have followed the decision of Dias Toffoli, given on May 18 of this year. Cármen Lúcia, Ricardo Lewandowski, Edson Fachin, Luiz Fux and Roberto Barroso denied the investigation against Moraes.

The criminal notice filed by the former captain accused the magistrate of abuse of authority in carrying out Fake News Survey🇧🇷

The President criticizes the secrecy of the investigations and the “unreasonable duration of the investigation”.

🇧🇷There is no extensive access by the defense to the evidence contained in the minutes of Investigation no. 4.781 (fake news) and in the relevant fact Inquérito no. 4.828 (anti-democratic acts). Quite the opposite“, Bolsonaro wrote in the May 16 complaint.

For Toffoli, none of the president’s accusations against the magistrate can be considered a crime.

🇧🇷The facts described in the ‘crime news’ do not bring evidence, even minimal, of criminal materiality, with no possibility to frame the imputed behaviors in any of the typical highlighted figures.“, he declared.

Toffoli also emphasized that the claims of Bolsonaro they do not have the “power to make Moraes doubt” to vote on actions related to the defeated president.

fake news poll

The investigation was launched by Moraes in 2019. The existence of mass production of disinformation and the promotion of anti-democratic agendas culminated in the opening of the investigation.

The investigation reported by the minister already included President Jair Bolsonaro and supporters. In August 2021, the representative became involved in the investigation when he made a live statement that he would present evidence of “suspected fraud” in electronic voting machines.

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