The stock market and cryptocurrencies on Twitter. Musk is developing his platform

While Twitter has been a mess since being taken over by Musk, Musk is finally rolling out some useful functionality.

Twitter will allow you to follow the cryptocurrency exchange and market

You no longer need additional apps to track stock prices and cryptocurrency values ​​on the stock market (well, unless you’re journalists who dared to criticize Elon, unfortunately that doesn’t apply to you). All you need to follow is a Twitter account.


All this thanks to the news presented to the platform, which was announced on the Twitter Business account. To check the current price of a stock or cryptocurrency, enter “$” in the search bar followed by the symbol of the company or cryptocurrency you are interested in, such as “$SPY” or “$BTC”. This is supposed to work unsigned as well in some cases, but it’s always better to start searches with “$”.

What are the Twitter results?

The tweet below shows what the whole thing looks like. we get information about the current price of the stock and the chart (interestingly, the X and Y axes are not signed on it, and although you can guess what they are responsible for, it would be appropriate to include information). Unfortunately, I can’t create my own screenshot because the feature isn’t available for me yet. it does not work on PC or the browser version of the mobile app.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the social platform directs us to the Robinhood website for more information. Meanwhile, app analyst Jane Manchun Wong found that the tweeper receives data from TradingView, and there is no information anywhere about a possible collaboration between those companies.

What do you think of Twitter’s new feature? Now will you use this app to track current prices (when it finally works) or stick with other programs? Let me know in the comments!

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